A vote being posted into a ballot box

Together for the Church of England encourages people who share our aims to be engaged with the governance processes of the Church of England.  This is how decisions are made, and it needs people willing to stand for election to various bodies or be in a position to vote for those who are.

The current timetable of elections in the Church of England includes:

  • May/June 2024: Diocesan Synod elections.
  • August – December 2024: Various diocesan elections, including Bishop’s Councils and Vacancy in See Committees
  • Spring 2026: Deanery Synod elections
  • Late summer 2026: General Synod elections

There are also by-elections for General Synod taking place whenever vacancies arise. We are available to support and advise anyone who shares our values in General Synod by-elections, please get in touch if this applies to you.

If you have any queries about the election processes of the Church of England please contact us at contact@togethercofe.org.uk