About us

Together is a new organisation, bringing together members of General Synod, a wider network of Church of England members, and working with other partner organisations to form a single campaign around two fundamental objectives:

  • To unite those seeking to remove all discrimination in the Church of England, especially where it is embodied in the formal and legal structures of the Church.
  • To work for a Church of England in which people of differing convictions live together in unity.

We formed in early 2024 with support from a wide range of partners and are setting up diocesan networks to create a space for those who support our aims to work together and encourage each other.  We seek to work with the governance processes of the Church of England, enabling people to have a voice on issues of inclusion and belonging.

As a national Church for the whole of England, we believe that there should be no discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, disability, sex, gender, gender identity, sexuality, mental health, neurodiversity, marital status, socio-economic background or economic power.  Christ is for all and we are called to dismantle the barriers we construct that exclude people unnecessarily.  The focus for Together is particularly on the formal and legal structures within the Church, and we support our many partners in challenging the cultural, sometimes subconscious discrimination that prevent people participating fully in the life of the Church.